Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home from Florida

Well, what can I say...Florida was great and was warm. It seems so unfair that one part of the country could be so warm when now that we're home it's in the teens. I have updated my web site and have added my new patterns. They are Animal House and My World.

"My World"- 51" x 34"

I  just finished hooking it. I added another row of dark wool all the way around because I thought it would bring it all together and it does help. It was a fun rug too hook, but probably the most challenging I've done because of all the backgrounds. I decided at the beginning I would just put in the colors of the motifs that I wanted and not worry about the background at all. If it was going to disappear I would outline it in dark or light like the old rugs. I think this picture might make it look at little brighter than it is, but you should see it in the sun. All those background colors are beautiful.

Well, I'm off to a great day of teaching. Hope yours is great too.

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  1. Nice rug Janice! I love designing them and hooking them! looking forward to seeing more.