Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

I just sent out an email blast. I'm getting faster. It only took me a couple of hours rather than most of the day. I'm having a sale on Sat. from noon to 4:00. Dorla Kenworthy will be running the shop. I'll be at Ryan's wedding! I'm having the sale coinciding with the Lenexa Hook In. All sales will be 10% off and I will take email orders, but not phone. I just couldn't imagine Dorla running to the phone all day. OK, I'm being optimistic.  I think I will have all my new patterns posted on my web site by tomorrow or Friday at the latest...I think. I hope all of you are well. We have had that sinus cold/flu.  We were taking care of Lucy and Van 2 wks ago and I slept with them and they had runny noses. I decided I would go to the Minute Clinic to get my flu shot so I would'nt get the flu just in case the kids had any flu germs. As I sat in the waiting area at the clinic everyone was coughing, sneezing and just generally sounding sick. I was well at the time, but by the time I got into the little room where they had all been before me I was looking for a mask. The next thing I find out is the shot won't kick in for 2 wks. or so. So I came home and 4 days later proceeded to get a bad chest cold and a terrible cold or sinus something! Well, everyone here is tired and ready to go to bed. Here are pictures of Buddy and Fern. She's already in her kennel. I wish you could see her bows better in the picture. She looked REALLY cute last Saturday.

The first one is Fern,
Buddy's on the couch.

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