Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

I just sent out an email blast. I'm getting faster. It only took me a couple of hours rather than most of the day. I'm having a sale on Sat. from noon to 4:00. Dorla Kenworthy will be running the shop. I'll be at Ryan's wedding! I'm having the sale coinciding with the Lenexa Hook In. All sales will be 10% off and I will take email orders, but not phone. I just couldn't imagine Dorla running to the phone all day. OK, I'm being optimistic.  I think I will have all my new patterns posted on my web site by tomorrow or Friday at the latest...I think. I hope all of you are well. We have had that sinus cold/flu.  We were taking care of Lucy and Van 2 wks ago and I slept with them and they had runny noses. I decided I would go to the Minute Clinic to get my flu shot so I would'nt get the flu just in case the kids had any flu germs. As I sat in the waiting area at the clinic everyone was coughing, sneezing and just generally sounding sick. I was well at the time, but by the time I got into the little room where they had all been before me I was looking for a mask. The next thing I find out is the shot won't kick in for 2 wks. or so. So I came home and 4 days later proceeded to get a bad chest cold and a terrible cold or sinus something! Well, everyone here is tired and ready to go to bed. Here are pictures of Buddy and Fern. She's already in her kennel. I wish you could see her bows better in the picture. She looked REALLY cute last Saturday.

The first one is Fern,
Buddy's on the couch.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

One More Thing

Fraktur Floral
Hooked by Jo Turner
I just realized I didn't have a picture of Fraktur Floral Rug on my web site. I want to show you how great Jo Turner hooked this rug. I love it.  I sent everything to my web site lady so it should be up in a couple of days. I'm way too tired...too much computer work. Good Night.

February 2, 2012

You can tell from the colors I've been dyeing that I'm thinking of spring.

My friend and helper, Dorla, is a great stitcher (is that a word?) . She has stitched 2 of my penny rug patterns. I can't wait to show you the latest. It matches the Rooster and Hen rug I call "Mothers Day Out". The rooster on the rug is pretty white, but that's how he was in the original old rug. Anyway, the penny rug is a bit quieter. I will now attempt to put both pictures on this page!! If you never hear from me again you'll know I'm still working on it.
Penny Rug

Hooked Rug

We are going to kit the penny rug complete with pattern, instructions, and wool for $65.00. If your interested let me know. I can also kit the hooked rug and warm the rooster up a bit, but the white rooster really does look good. I call it Mother's Day Out because I think it looks like she is leaving those eggs with him for a while. She needs a break. It is so cute for a kitchen or a table. It's 43 x 24 and costs $57.00 on monks and $65.00 on linen.

I've also decided to post some of my wool. I really just wanted to see if I could do it. Ya know the tech. skills are lacking at the Johnson's. The colors never seem exactly right.

Well, thats all for now. I've got to think of something for dinner. I'm on a diet so it's not too exciting.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter or Spring?? Not sure.

Today is January 26, 2012, the temperature was 53 today. Wow. Not sure what's going on, but it sure feels better than the teen and zero numbers we normally have. I have been working on some new patterns and will have them posted on my web site soon. I really always plan to blog a lot, but it's far down on my "to do" list.

I am posting a couple of new patterns. I'll have them on my web site soon.

I call this pattern above, "Peppermint Pony". We were with our good friends, Kathy and Gary Simmons, at Marburger Farms in Round Top, Texas and saw this old rug. The horse was done in varying shades of black, the other colors are old reds, sort of soft dirty oranges, dirty cream and black again. It was amazing. I drew it last week and have sold a couple so hopefully I will have a finished rug to put on my web site in awhile.

Another new pattern is "Fraktur Floral No. 2". I have all sorts of ideas for this rug and several people are hooking this too. Here's a line drawing of it.

I just got back from Eureka Springs, AR. Every year in January we have a hook-in at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks. It is a wonderful hooking vacation. This year there were 46 women and we all had a great time. I forgot my camera (are you kidding me!) so I don't have any pictures, but I can get some from other gals and will try to get them posted.

Also, the big news is that Ryan is getting married. He is marrying Anessa Stokes Reynolds. We really like her and are happy for them. They will live next door which is great with us. Will try to post pics of the's the last of February.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's me again.

So much has gone on since the last time I blogged. I thought I would be really chatty, but don't seem to take the time to sit down and write. Hopefully, I'll get better. I have about 5 new patterns coming to my web site. I'm in the process of updating it today. I wanted to let you know that Jan Adams will be vending for me in Indiana at Camp Camby (near Indianapolis). I have all my new patterns there and several new rugs hooked for you to see. I'm featuring one pattern for the fall at $10.00 off the regular price, but apparently I didn't get a picture of it before I sent it off. It's a simple pattern of 3 pumpkiins and 3 crows. It primitive and cute. I will try to get a picture tomorrow.

The picture above is one of new rugs called "Fraktur Love Birds". I also am selling the wool applique as a kit. The rug is 33 x 19 and is $52.00 on monks and $65.00 on linen. The wool applique kit will include all wool and a paper pattern. The cost will be $60.00. The rug was hooked by Kathy Simmons and was color planned by Cammie Bruce. I told them I would like to see old gold birds and reds for the flowers. I love what they did. I will be working on my web site (as much as it depends on me). Dorla Kennworthy created the wool applique. If you're not familiar with Dorla's work I can tell you she's got a great primitive eye and does beautiful hand work.

Linda Brannock also has a new really primitive pattern called, "My daughter, My sister and Me. Its just darling. Watch for more information coming.

I hope you all have a great fall. I'm sad to see summer leave. It seems like it just got here. It wend way to fast. the way I had 3 really great camps this year. Aileen Anderson taught a darling rug called "Sally". Several of them are finished and I will post them soon. Cammie Bruce taught the first week of May and it was so fun. She has a great color sense and we seem to gravitate to the same color values etc. Jayne Hester was so fun and the rugs "turned out" were spectacular. Sorry you missed this year, but hopefully we can have some more great classes next year.

If you're ever in the area please call and come by. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home from Florida

Well, what can I say...Florida was great and was warm. It seems so unfair that one part of the country could be so warm when now that we're home it's in the teens. I have updated my web site and have added my new patterns. They are Animal House and My World.

"My World"- 51" x 34"

I  just finished hooking it. I added another row of dark wool all the way around because I thought it would bring it all together and it does help. It was a fun rug too hook, but probably the most challenging I've done because of all the backgrounds. I decided at the beginning I would just put in the colors of the motifs that I wanted and not worry about the background at all. If it was going to disappear I would outline it in dark or light like the old rugs. I think this picture might make it look at little brighter than it is, but you should see it in the sun. All those background colors are beautiful.

Well, I'm off to a great day of teaching. Hope yours is great too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Started - Waiting for Spring

This is an interesting day to launch my blog. We are experiencing a hugh winter storm/blizzard. The chances that you are in the same storm is probably pretty good.


"Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while"--Kim Hubbard, Indianapolis News 1905

Not sure what that quote says about me since I started this out by talking about the weather, but I know we are all ready for spring. I have added a picture of a rug I call  Terrie's Primitive Posies. Check out my website for more rug patterns. This has been hooked by several people and I hope to get the pictures published on my website soon.

Terrie's Primitive Posies

My hope is to blog often and let you know what is going on at Wooly Woolens. Take care and stay warm---Janice